In addition to the following, students should be aware of Minimum Credit and Minimum Grade Point Average Requirements

First Year Seminar3 Units

Students entering CSUMB as Freshman or Lower Division Transfer students with fewer than 30 units are required to complete First Year Seminar

University Learning Requirements (ULRs)48 Units

The State of California requires completion of a 48 unit General Education Breadth program which includes a minimum of 9 upper division GE semester units taken no sooner than the term in which the student achieves upper division status (60+ units). At CSUMB, these GE courses are identified as ULRs.

American Institutions
Lower Division
Upper Divsion

Graduation Learning Outcomes (GLOs)20-24 Units

Many GLOs also meet major requirements. Students can reference the degree pathways, but should also consult with an advisor to determine the optimal pathway.

Culture & Equity

Students are assumed to begin language study at the 102 level and are required to demonstrate proficiency through the 202 (intermediate) level. Students should consult the School of World Languages and Cultures to determine appropriate placement.

Technology and Information
Service Learning

Service Learning is an upper division requirement and must be taken no sooner than the term in which the student achieves upper division status (60+ units).

Major Learning Outcomes (MLOs)41-86 Units

All CSUMB majors have a set of learning outcomes that students must satisfy through aligned courses or alternate assessments, as designed by the program. This information can be found within the description of the degree program. Students should consult their major advisor for more information.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)4 Units

Many courses on campus satisfy the GWAR requirement. Students should consult with their major advisor, as some GWAR-approved courses also meet major requirements.

Free Electives0-30 Units

The State of California requires a minimum of 120 semester units to be eligible for a baccalaureate degree. Students who complete general education and major requirements in fewer than 120 semester units are able to select additional courses as needed to meet the state requirement.

Total Units120-150 Units