Finding Information

You can use any of the following available methods to find the information you need on this CSUMB.EDU/catalog website:

  • Select the section you want in the left navigation, then choose from the second, third, and fourth navigation levels to find the exact page you need.
  • Enter keywords in the search box at the top of any catalog page, select Search CSUMB Catalog from the drop-down list of search parameters, then hit return and choose from the results.
  • If looking for academic programs that will prepare you for particular career fields or that include specific fields of study, use the Career/Academic Fields listing in our A-Z Index to see which CSUMB degree programs align with those fields.

If you don't find what you need, please use the Questions/Feedback link to let us know. Also, we constantly strive to improve both the information in the catalog and the tools provided to help you navigate successfully to what you need, we also invite you to use this link to send us your suggestions.