Tuition & Fees ~ Installment Payment Plan

Under guidelines issued by the CSU Chancellor’s Office, the State University Fee Installment Payment Plan (IPP) enables you to defer payment of a portion of the state university fee only. However, if you have financial aid, waivers, or other deferments, you are not eligible to participate.

To defer state university fees, you must complete and sign the CSUMB state university fee IPP contract, available at the Campus Service Center. A $33 nonrefundable administrative fee (dictated by legislation) will be assessed to cover costs associated with the IPP including, but not limited to, interest income lost to the state of California.

If you select the IPP option, you must submit the completed and signed contract along with the first payment before you can register. The schedule of payment due dates and amounts are listed on the signed IPP contract.

A $20 administrative late payment fee will be assessed for each installment payment not received by 4:00 p.m. on the due date. Reminders are not sent, and it is your responsibility to make payments on or before the due dates listed on your contract.